Free Laptop No Credit Check From

t's always a pain when you need something but cannot afford it or get credit. Are you in the position where you need a laptop for work, your educational studies or just general use? I was in the same boat as you and after many searches found an offer that was far too good to be true offering a free Dell laptop.
However my opinion has always been something is worth a try; if it doesn't work then all I have lost are a few minutes of my life. This offer I mentioned was from a company called and to take advantage of the offer is very simple, you just enter your email and submit it took just seconds. The deal works by looking at offers from this company and in signing up to some off the offers, choosing wisely you never have to pay anything or give any details that you don't want to.
After completing some of the offers and cancelling them I received an email letting me know how to claim my laptop. I received my laptop in a few weeks.


It Worked 

Yes it did and believe me I was surprised that with only a few minutes effort I had saved so much money and received a free laptop no credit check or hassle. The offer is only available in certain countries but I can vouch that it works!
This is one of those times where I would say that if you don't try you can never benefit. The laptop I received was a reasonable spec and was much better than I could have hoped for. 

How I got a free laptop no credit check 

First I went to and clicked to offer link.
On that page I entered my email and proceeded to the next section. At this point you can come back if you wish so as long as you get your email in you are on your way.
I then looked through the offers and any I spotted would be easy to sign up to and cancel, i.e. LoveFilm free months trial. Sign up get the confirmation and select cancel.
After that you get an email confirming your submissions and offering you more, just skip them and they send you an email on how to claim your free laptop.
That's it just wait and you will be surfing in no time! I hope you all have the same success as I have.